Thursday, January 8, 2015


Recently I had the urge to paint.  I've been doing a lot of designing with markers and working a great deal in Photoshop and I wanted to get my hands dirty with some acrylic paints and use some of my smaller brushes to really get into some detailed painting, as well.  In the past few days I completed two portraits.  Portraits of GARDEN GIRLS as I've been calling them (to myself, alone) and I've taken photos of my process along the way because the two pieces became mixed-media works which incorporated many different mediums.  I thought that having that process described could be of interest.  Below is the evolution of the first of my two pieces and tomorrow I will share the second.

Usually I've worked on canvas but here I'm starting with an untreated
wood board.  Note to self:  Don't paint on unfinished, unprimed wood.
Way too much paint got sucked into the porous surface!

I used a #2 pencil to do a simple sketch of the face and
a few flowers.

Here is the palette of colors I chose to
begin with.

I started off with a soft look, not really
certain where I wanted the painting to go.

Then I added many collage elements and kept tightening up
her face with shading and highlights using pencil and acrylics.

Then this somehow happened. But I wasn't happy with the quote which
seemed unnecessary and the background seemed just too washy.

This is the final result.  Between the last photo and
this one, I decided to get rid of the text, darken the background so
the subject's face would stand out better, add a garden of
painted flowers.

xo Beth