Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Paris, A Dream Come True

Firstly, I have to say that I'm fully aware that my lovely blog
has been totally neglected.  I'm sorry.  I miss my blog. 
I miss sharing with you.  So now that summer's over 
and I'm back full-swing in my studio from college visits with
my now high-school senior son (OMG!) and my VERY
long awaited trip to Paris (which I'm about to share with you),
I'm proud to announce; I'm here!

The very first thing I have to share with you is the fact that
I'm now able to check something else off of my loooong
bucket list.  PARIS.  I've dreamed of going to Paris since
I myself was a senior in high school.  I even wrote
my college essay about walking along the Seine River with
a palette under one arm and a baguette under the other.  Ha.
Before the Summer ended, my husband, son, and I took
off to the city of lights and had an amazing trip.
Here are some of the highlights:

Notre Dame

and one of Notre Dame's gorgeous stained glass windows

Le Merais which was walking distance
from our hotel and filled with
narrow, cobblestone-lined streets

Le Louvre!

The Pompidou Center which is a modern museum and
and amazing structure

Delicious fondue

Giverny--L O V E
I'm going to share more photos
from this gorgeous day-trip to the
home and gardens of Claude Monet

The Seine


Moulin Rouge

Sacre Coeur

I heart Paris!

more tomorrow


  1. Oh, how I am jealous! Paris is on my bucket list too! How wonderful for you!

  2. These are great photos of a beautiful city!