Friday, March 16, 2012

I Would Love Your Feedback Giveaway

Okay, it's time to give away some artwork.
I will be choosing one winner at random to
receive an 8"x10" print of their choice
from my shop.
The contest will end this Sunday, March 18th
so please post your entries by then.
Here's what I'm asking:
All you need to do is leave a comment
that includes your name, the name of
the artwork you would choose if you
win, and something you would
like to read more about on my blog.
I will announce the winner next

Happy weekend.
copyright Beth Nadler


  1. It is Jessica from HSHB!
    I would choose AWAY WE GO because it's captivating!

  2. Robin Mead

    I love your blog the way it is..! :)
    Id choose all of them..but Ive narrowed it to Bird on a has all of my favs flowers, birds, colors, design, all of your work..!hope I win..!

  3. Hi Beth!

    All your creations are great! "Today is a Good Day" is probably my favorite -- the affirmation would inspire me to be grateful and notice the gifts of each day, every time I looked at it. Thanks for the opportunity to win one of your great pieces.


  4. Maybe tell us a bit about your "why"...what inspires you to paint?
    I love your owl piece because if I were an animal, I'd be an owl. However, you do not need to send me any art because I've got too much of my own already (you know how that goes!). Save it for a real buyer...

  5. What a wonderful give-away"! I have to say that "Love, Dream, hope" has been a favorite the moment I saw it!! Leanne here for HSHB . . . . and I think I love to read blogs that explain peoples creative process and what inspires them, or what makes them do what they do. I love hearing the stories behind the work. Your word has always reached my heart, Beth! It's wonderfully uplifting and the colors are just fantastic!!! So wonderful to know you!

  6. Hi Beth, I do love 'you, yourself' and 'wild and free'. I love visiting your blog because it's always a burst of creative energy. It would be nice to know a little bit more about you and/ or some of the techniques you use. my fingers are crossed! wishes, Jane x

  7. Beth,
    I LOVE your work! It's so happy and colorful. I think my very favorite is the "Tree of Happiness" and my other two favorites are "Best Friend Garden" and "Cat Dreams". Your earrings are beautiful too!
    I like your blog the way it is. It's very inspiring! ♥

  8. Hi Beth

    I like 'Others Fly' - birds and butterflies are always a beautiful combination. I like your blog I think you might add a little more about your motivations, why you create, what you hope to achieve, where your inspiration comes from...dip into the HSHB stuff and cherry pick some stuff you've written and include it here perhaps?

    Steph Wadeson x

  9. Hi!
    Jeanne from HSHB! My favs are the Garden of Dreams and Bird on Vase. Cute! I love your buckets, btw! Thank you!!

  10. Hi Beth! It was difficult to decide among so many beautiful paintings, but I finally chose Blossoms at Sunset. I would love to read about your painting process and what a typical day is like in the studio. You might also tell us about your journey as an and when you got started, and how your work went through different stages as you developed as an artist...what you love most about being an artist and what inspires you.