Thursday, March 15, 2012

I Added Lots of Newness to My Etsy Shop

Happy Day Garden

A Beautiful Life

Colored Skies

Others Fly

Wild and Free

Tree of Happiness

Artwork update here:  I've been collaging and painting and
drawing up a storm lately.  Obvious inspiration includes
color, birds, flowers and trees, and happiness.
All of my new work is available through my Etsy shop
and I have many new items coming very soon which
I'll share with you just as soon as I can.

In addition, I'll be holding a contest on my blog beginning
tomorrow.  Be sure to stop by and enter.  I'll be giving
away some of my artwork.  Details to come...



  1. Hi Beth, what beautiful subjects to base you current work around. I love 'wild and free'. will be sure to stop by to enter your giveaway. have a happy blossomy day! Jane x

  2. What joyful works! Keep it up!

  3. Just Beautiful Im off to your shop..!These look awesome..!

  4. Beautiful pictures - they look like coming directly out of a book of fairytales. Have a nice day!

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