Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Let the Sun Shine In

Wow.  A sixty degree day here in New York and beautiful sunlight
streaming into my studio today.  Strange-but I'm trying to take
advantage of it while working on a new piece of artwork
which I'll share with you later this week.



  1. what a delightful space. I see the sunlight bringing strong energy into that room. happy creating Beth! Jane x

  2. Nice work place - with sun and light.
    Greetings from Alicante-Spain.

  3. I absolutely love your studio space, Beth! it's so bright and roomy and so very inspiring! I love your art . . . Have admired your colors and style for some time now. I'll have to go through your blog to see if you have any posts on yr technique. Would love to see your creative process!!! LOVE IT!