Tuesday, May 24, 2011


so here i go...
time to give one of my brand new items away!!!!
woo hoo.  one of you guys will be the lucky
recipient of one of my Baby Buckets.
the Baby Buckets are approx. 6" wide by 5" high 
and are available in a variety
of my uniquely designed prints.
the winner gets their choice of any design
i offer on any of my buckets.  
you'll be able to see the choices in
my etsy shop.  i'll also be adding
some more designs throughout the week.

my contest is open to anyone. 
all i ask of you is to follow my blog
and to leave an entry comment letting me
know how you would use
your bucket.
if you would be kind enough to let me
know which design you might choose,
that would be xtra great.

i'm going to run this contest through
the weekend and on Tuesday, May 31st
i will use random.org to help me
randomly pick a winner.

good luck

Friday, May 20, 2011

My UK Advenutre: The Retreat!

here's my last installment of my trip to the UK.  today i'll
be featuring The Do What You Love retreat hosted by
Beth Nicholls and her wonderful staff.
this was the very first art retreat i've ever been
on and well worth the wait.
from the location (England's Yorkshire Dales) to the class, and the lectures
and the service, and the amazing people i connected with,
oh and the food, 
everything was just perfect!

overlooking the retreat site

at the very top of the mountain stood our
tipi where we had almost all of our 
delicious meals

do you see that white mark way down below?
that's the tent where Flora Bowley's 
painting class was held.

inside the tent we were all busy at work

we painted with our eyes closed, used
our hands, made marks on the canvas
with various instruments, did
some stretching exercised now and
then, and listened to fabulous music.
so much FUN!

Flora working on her canvas

two of my three canvasses in progress

bunnies all around

 my three paintings

a peek into our eco-friendly lodge

our lodge

one of my finished paintings at gallery night

thank you so much for sharing in my adventure.
  these are memories i'll have for
a lifetime.  


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day Two of My "Do What You Love" Journey--The City of London

in order to explore ALL of London in one day,
i took an open air bus tour of the city.
it was an incredibly fun way to get
an idea of the layout, the architecture, and
all the excitement taking place.
here's a photographic sampling of what
i saw, enjoy.

London Bridge

the London Eye

Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square

loved the London architecture

so many chimneys!

a touch of pink

a case at Harrod's filled with marzipan,
candied fruits, and Turkish taffies

i brought a few of these beautiful marzipan fruits
home for my son

my travel companion, Nadiya (also my sister-in-law).
obviously infatuated by the sweets, too

please come back tomorrow where i'll highlight all the
wonder that took place for me at the retreat.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Trip to London and the English Countryside Starts Here

i figure i'll just start at the beginning of my trip.  there was so 
much to see and
 do and love my past week away.  it was an experience
 i'll never forget! 
i was able to sneak in a couple of wonderful days
exploring the city of London before
 going off
to the Yorkshire Dales for the 
Do What You Love 
below are some photos
from my first day in the
city.  most of the
time i spent in the fabulous area
of Notting Hill on Portobello Street.
please stay tuned the remainder of this week
where i'll share with you more
of my fantastic journey.


gate at Hyde Park

blueberry-colored home on Portobello Rd.


old tin boxes

window shopping

a bit more window shopping

pastel row houses

Friday, May 6, 2011

Harrod's Here I Come!

i'm busy packing for my trip to London and York which i leave
for this sunday.  i'll be going on my very first art retreat.
this is one mother's day i won't ever forget!
i'm so grateful for this upcoming experience and promise
to take lots and lots of photos of my adventure
so that i can share it with you.
so i wish you all a happy weekend, a happy mother's day to
those of you who are fortunate to be moms, and a
wonderful week ahead!
see you soon with photos to share, a giveaway
and newly designed products to reveal.