Thursday, April 28, 2011

buckets of love

so here we go, a sneak peak into my new product line.
i've decided to add decoupage, galvanized buckets
to my line.  it's something that you might have
seen in gift shops along your travels.  
the truth is i hold this particular item very near
and dear to my heart.
about 10 years ago, i started a company in which
i came up with the idea of completely covering metal
buckets with my images.  after careful thought and
several attempts, i figured out the perfect
way to "wrap" my designs around the metal shapes,
achieving full-coverage and resulting in a
decorative, useful and quite popular product.

my company grew and grew.  i was selling to shops all over the
country and some international stores as well.  some of the
stores include: ABC Carpet and Home, Anthropologie,
Dylan's Candybar, even Harrod's of London.
my buckets were even featured in lots of popular magazines.

after several years in the home decor industry,
i had a falling out with my business partners and sold
my shares of the company.
i've truly enjoyed the past few years of my creative
endeavors.  i have a great studio, a wonderful
etsy shop, and fun freelance work.

the truth is that everyone always loved the "buckets".
i have so many designs in my portfolio at this
point i thought, 'wouldn't it be fun to see some of
these designs decorating a useful item?'

i'm very excited about all the possibilities i have in featuring
my artwork this way.  in the next few weeks i'll be
sharing with you new buckets, ideas for different ways
to use them, and a wonderful giveaway.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

my studio on a particularly clean day

i'm fortunate to have a studio space just a few
miles from my home.  it's a wonderful
feeling to know you have a room that's filled
with nothing but your own stuff.  
i can make a mess.  i can create.
i can sit alone with my own thoughts
and not be disturbed.
i can be.


Friday, April 22, 2011

photo-op friday-hoppy days ahead

so being home for the week with pneumonia is not what
i had planned, but surprises do happen.  i feel like there's
been so much sickness this winter and beginning of spring,
i just want to go outside and find some sunshine and color.

i found some recent photos of appropriately themed images
that i'm sharing today.  i hope this weekend is the beginning
of lots of happy, healthy, and colorful things to come.

i made these little glass egg cups several years ago
and recently stumbled upon them in my studio.
 love that rich golden paint against the creamy
pink, blue, and pistachio.

parsley, a very big and very loving bunny

little sugar cube.  one of my son's very first stuffed 
pets from
many years ago.

xo beth

Friday, April 15, 2011

it's time to bloom

from my home to yours, i wish you a weekend full of
color-filled, happy surprises!


Thursday, April 14, 2011

flower and sugar

flower and sugar
flower and sugar by bethnadler featuring long sleeve tops

just like the sign says; I love surrounding myself with beautiful things and that helps to make me happy. it's true, beauty isn't only skin deep but as an artist and designer i can't help but appreciate what goes into creating what i consider beautiful, whether it be man-made or mother nature-made. so on my quest for a specific type of usb cable today, driving from staples to best buy, i'll have my camera with me. it will make me happy because i'll be on the look-out for all things beautiful. xo beth

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

something is brewing

there's a lot going on in my studio right now as i
work on preparing my new line of home decor
items which i will be featuring very soon in
my etsy shop!  i'll give you a hint:  i came up with
the original idea, it's an
 item i haven't sold in several years but it's just as
popular as ever, they've been featured in
various popular magazines
and...they're going to be so much fun!
can't wait to show you.