Thursday, December 1, 2011

Vintage Days

                                                                Vintage Days

I remember a time when I used to drive down the street above with
my toddler strapped into his car seat thinking the day would
never end.  How would I possibly entertain Jake for
an entire day?  We took lots of drives and his deep brown
saucer-sized eyes would stay wide open as we passed by
houses and road signs and trees and finally to the
harbor where we stared at the water and its calming affect.  I think about
those times as if they were just yesterday or thirty years ago.
Probably fourteen years or so would be the right amount
of time that has passed since all those drives took place.
Now we drive to the mall and the train station and the
movie theater.  I miss those times I spent alone
with my little boy as he soaked-up everything around him
 and so I took a drive with my
camera to try to capture an image that would remind of
those times.  




  1. What a wonderful photo and so filled with memories. I love that you try to capture those memories!