Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Magnetic Attraction

I have magnets.
Yup, lots and lots of magnets!!!
Above and below are a sampling of my new
line of funky and inspirational art for your
fridge, filing cabinets, magnetic boards,
or even as a small piece of art to prop-up
on a shelf or little easel.

I'm loving the butterflies with their wing-span
of six inches--available in many inspirational collages.

 My prints mounted on 4"x5" canvas boards
come in almost all of my designs!
All of my magnets are signed on the back
and sealed with a nice thick, glossy

Come on over and check them out.
Ooooh, they would make easy gifts, too.
Just slip into an envelope along with a
greeting card.  Perfect.



  1. So beautiful! I've had you as one of my favorites on etsy for about 2 years and I've now found your blog--yeah! I love the butterfly on the easel--so sweet.

    Your work is a huge inspiration to me.


  2. Thanks soooo much, Jill!
    Glad you found my blog : ).