Thursday, October 13, 2011

Loving Layers

Listen to the Music 

Little Bird

Owl Love

Listen to the Whispers

Wow.  I've been doing lots and lots of
collaging lately and loving it.
Really.  I can barely stop.  No time for
laundry, cooking, all cleaning in general 
(just ask my husband)
has come to an abrupt pause.
I'm having an amazing time 
layering paints, and papers,
colored pencils, pens, fabric, and even little 
All of my new work is available now 
through my
Etsy shop which by the way has a 
new look
to it with a brand new header and icon.
Stop by and check it out when you
have the chance.



  1. Dearest sweet beth, these pieces are just beautiful! I am loving all the layers too! I am so glad you are enjoying the process! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  2. Beth your collages are AMAZING! I love all the layers and of course, beautiful colors as always! Loving your new blog ad etsy banners too! Blessings my friend xo

  3. I love the color palettes you've chosen for all of these - I'm a color junkie and enjoy the visual feast you've created in all of these pieces.

  4. you are creating wonderful things, collage is so much fun!