Friday, October 28, 2011

Fluttering By

Spotted this sunflower, claw-footed tub on the way to my
studio this morning.  It's over-flowing with Autumn leaves,
and flowers.  So happy I had my camera with me.

On the studio front, I've added a few more
beautiful, big, butterfly magnets to my line.

I think these would make wonderful, little gifts.
They're available in a variety of different decorative images
words to inspire.

In addition, just want to share my two brand
new painting/collages that I finished

happy weekend to you


  1. Beautiful always Beth! I love your butterfly magnets xo

  2. I really just love your work! It inspires me, and I love to be inspired! ;)

    And that bathtub of flowers? REALLY? I could look at it all day long. Thank you for sharing!!! Have a great weekend!

  3. Love your butterfly banner! How interesting that you owls and crows are appearing in your work. Perhaps it is the season; they are in mine lately too. I'm putting them on my silk scarves, and they are selling too fast to get their pictures taken!

  4. What a beautiful tub of flowers. I'm with Leanne here - I could look at that all day long! Was it in someone's yard or free-standing in a public setting? And your flutterbies - love, love, LOVE!! I will definitely have to pick up a couple of those. And your collates are really stunning - love the contrast that the black adds to these; it really emphasizes the other colors & makes them POP! Thank you for sharing all of this beauty!

  5. oops, I meant collages - sorry about that!