Friday, May 20, 2011

My UK Advenutre: The Retreat!

here's my last installment of my trip to the UK.  today i'll
be featuring The Do What You Love retreat hosted by
Beth Nicholls and her wonderful staff.
this was the very first art retreat i've ever been
on and well worth the wait.
from the location (England's Yorkshire Dales) to the class, and the lectures
and the service, and the amazing people i connected with,
oh and the food, 
everything was just perfect!

overlooking the retreat site

at the very top of the mountain stood our
tipi where we had almost all of our 
delicious meals

do you see that white mark way down below?
that's the tent where Flora Bowley's 
painting class was held.

inside the tent we were all busy at work

we painted with our eyes closed, used
our hands, made marks on the canvas
with various instruments, did
some stretching exercised now and
then, and listened to fabulous music.
so much FUN!

Flora working on her canvas

two of my three canvasses in progress

bunnies all around

 my three paintings

a peek into our eco-friendly lodge

our lodge

one of my finished paintings at gallery night

thank you so much for sharing in my adventure.
  these are memories i'll have for
a lifetime.  



  1. wow this looks totally amazing! I so wish I could have come and the weather was good for you by the look of it! How brilliant, as the UK can be so very bad weather-wise :) Brilliant canvas's too!


  2. It looks fabulous....I so wish I could go on one of these. Looks like you had a fabulous time....and have built so many wonderful memories!!!

  3. beautiful post Beth. Had no idea it was your first retreat!

  4. Love your paintings Beth!!!! What beautiful memories you will have forever. Wasn't Flora amazing!

  5. So. Much. Fun! Love the pic of you and your two canvases.

  6. So special to have you join us Beth. So happy that you had such a wonderful time

  7. Lovely to meet you Beth and to read your post and see your photos! Your painting is fantastic.

  8. Amazing! I was smiling as I was reading your post! I love your paintings!

  9. Love it and I super LOVE ... that you had such an awesome time on your very first ART retreat! Can't wait to see what's next for ya!

  10. Love your three paintings. I took Flora's workshop when she was here in Australia, she is such an inspiration.

  11. Beautiful paintings, I also took Flora's workshop when she was in Perth, Australia. Keep up the great work.

  12. Your paintings are GORGEOUS!! Thanks for letting us in our retreat.