Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Freezing by the Dock of the Bay or Sew What?

yesterday i decided to bring my lunch to the park.
not such a good idea on the picnic front.
freezing!  my tuna sandwich was eaten in my van.
but i did manage to stay outside long enough to
take some pics of the view i enjoyed while inside
my warm car.
i even managed to share a bit of crust from
the bread with the gulls.
it was a little break on a sunny day and i felt
re-energized when i got back to my studio.

here is what i finished yesterday.
i started working on this collage a few days ago.
it took me forever to get all the different elements to a 
point where i was happy with how they
played against one another.  i went for the
ribbon trim because this collage in particular
feels a lot like a patchwork quilt to me.

x Beth o

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  1. Hey Beth, I love that heart 'quilt' design. Very much up my street. I see you will be at the DWYL retreat in Yorkshire in May. Looking forward to meeting you there. I am so excited about it. My first art retreat!!