Friday, February 18, 2011

Photo-Op Friday: Still Life With Beaded Flowers

I found these beaded flowers in the basement of my in-laws' house
as they were  preparing to move.  They were in the give-away pile
and so I quickly scooped them up.  
My husband's great-aunts and grand-mother beaded
each and every petal and leaf by hand.
When I brought the flowers home, I found
the perfect spot for them inside this decoupage bucket I made 
while at the retail company I started called, The MacBeth Collection.
The display sits high atop my dining room cabinet and comes
down for special occasions but is always in view.



  1. I can not believe they were in the throw away pile????? They are great!!!

  2. Oh, what a lucky find there, they look amazing, all that work that's gone into them are definitely worth saving and proudly displaying :)

  3. Wow, that's a real treasure. I have a collection of embroidered napkins, tablecloths, and table runners that were made by my grandmother and great-grandmothers. That's worth cherishing.

    By the way -- love your new banner.