Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Photo-Op: Falling in Love

Autumn could possibly be my new favorite season.
After driving around one day this week on a gorgeous, sunny day, with my 
camera sitting next to me in the passenger seat of my car, I felt myself
falling in love.  The colors were absolutely breathtaking!  Intoxicating!
I really don't remember the colors of Fall being this intense.
I'm glad I had my camera with me that day because
I do think that was about the last of it.  The trees are just
about bare today, only a few leaves remain dangling from the branches.
But we have photos to remember...


  1. Wow,your pictures are beautiful!!!

  2. These are beautiful! You must live in a great place for fall leaves!

  3. Beth these are beautiful leaves. Red leaves are my favorite. And the deep purple run a close 2nd. Great shots Beth!

  4. your photos have taken my breath away ... such beautiful colors

  5. I am a autumn addict. I truly wish it lasted longer. I'm watching the last of the golden leaves fall from the trees. I live in northeast OH. I can honestly say I love all seasons but fall has captured my heart the deepest. Your pix are awesome!!

  6. These are fantastic! Where did you take these?

  7. Wow, those are incredible. I especially like the purples in the second picture. I really miss seeing the Fall colors here in Florida. I lived in Ohio for 5 years and thought it was so wonderful.