Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Photo-Op: Changing Times

These are the colors in my neck of the woods lately;
deep persimmons, royal plums, hunter greens, cranberry.
Ironically I took these photos this past summer up North a bit
in Rhode Island but when I was recently playing with the images, I
saw Halloween, Thanksgiving and all things Autumn.
This weekend (at least in these parts) we get that extra hour which
causes some enjoyment alongside a bit of confusion. Right now I believe
I have it straight; next week at this time it will really be 1:40 instead of
2:40 but it will feel like 12:340ish. And beginning at 8PM tomorrow night
some of the clocks in my house will read eight while others read seven.
This is because I have a husband who likes to save time when he can by
doing things before they really need to get done. Some of us might
call it "efficient". Whatever the case may be, enjoy all those little
moments of your weekend and if you're lucky enough to get sixty
whole extra minutes, enjoy.
Maybe I'll jump into the HUGE pile of leaves in front of my house
with no regard to the time of day it might be. 
          xo Beth


  1. Beautiful flowers... such gorgeous colors!! It always takes us a while to adjust to the time change! :)

  2. Those flowers are amazing!!!!Gorgeous!!!! This is the time I like because that means I get an extra hour to sleep! Yippy Yeah!